I’ve got a busy mind.

Well, that’s putting it mildly.

I’ve been told I’m really what’s known as a ‘scanner’: one who sees a thing, becomes intrigued by it, then zeroes in with tactical precision. I believe scanners have an appreciation for learning, no matter how mundane or random the subject may seem. Whether it takes days or years, we want to cram it all, pass/fail, with extra credit!

Even a high-functioning scanner knows she’s got issues. Nothing crushes her spirit faster than a hectic work schedule and no time to explore. How many dreams are born, thrive…and vanish, all…

Why the new cast of Bravo’s latest Real Housewives franchise was more than I expected, but exactly what viewers deserve.

They had a vision: “Good Time Girls Gone Wild.”

Back in my day, reality TV served as a first glimpse into what being a future adult looked like. These people looked scary, messy, complicated, and expensive. And I couldn’t wait to be among them.

My preferred dose of reality has always needed a few diamonds sprinkled on top. I can’t help it — I grew up in Westchester County, after all. I was close enough to NYC to see the…

Natasha Knight

Bartender, baker, writer, and podcaster, with daily yoga.

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